St Cyprien

We have three gorgeous houses in fabulous areas of Central and Southern France available to rent on a weekly basis. They are in traditional French villages which have been carefully chosen for their proximity to an abundance of great sightseeing, and activities . They have many great restaurants and wineries nearby.

St Cyprien
St Cyprien is a traditional medieval market village in the Dordogne region, and our house is a 12th century traditional stone house located in the beautiful ancient street next to the 11th century church.

Vindrac is a small picturesque rural village in the Tarn region and our house is a traditional stone/brick 15th century house. The outdoor area has stunning scenic views including the ancient village church.
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Brehemont is a beautiful village that runs along the Loire river.   Our house is a traditional truffe stone home that is typical of the area, and was built in the 18th century.  We have amazing views of the river, and are situated in the centre of town.
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Our houses are spacious, light and are recently renovated,.They have new comfortable beds, and are equipped with washing machine/dryer, dishwasher,heating, TV/DVD/CD, good quality linen and towels, and fantastic outdoor areas etc.

The houses each have three large bedrooms, making them ideal for families and couples traveling together. Each village is easily reached from Paris or London in a few hours, and Spain is only a few hours drive away. The climate in Southern France is great, making even a winter holiday enjoyable.

We have lived in each village for a few months with our young children, and feel that each of our houses and villages are special. We are happy to discuss your French holiday requirements with you.

Lisa and Anthony Brown
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